Part 2: Buying and Selling NFTs on MOOAR

MOOAR Official
4 min readDec 29, 2022

Now that you have gotten your membership, we’re getting to the main part — buying NFTs!

So how do you go about this? It’s pretty straightforward, so follow along:

Step 1: Searching for an NFT

Once you’re on the MOOAR website, navigate to Explore on the top tab.

From there, you will see the top projects based on sales volumes. This can be toggled between 1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month. Likewise, you can also toggle between Solana or Ethereum NFTs.

Alternatively, if you already have a project in mind, simply go to the Search Bar and key in the project’s name!

NFT Marketplace Layout

There are many projects to choose from, so take your time! Not to worry, MOOAR vets all the collections we list, so you don’t have to fret about there being a fake collection on our website.

Step 2: Browsing the NFT collection

After you have selected a project, you will be brought to its landing page. In the case of the example, let’s use our Season 1 Launchpad Winner — HypeSaints.

HypeSaints — NFT Collection

Right under their name, you will be able to see the social channels they have available (Twitter, Website, Discord, etc). You can use these as a means to research into the project, or just interact with fellow community members.

On the top right corner of the page, you will notice some metrics:

Items — The total number of unique NFTs available in the collection. In this case, HypeSaints has a total of 3,311 NFTs
Owners — The total number of unique owners for this collection. There are a total of 600 unique holders of HypeSaints’ NFTs.
Floor Price — The lowest price available for immediate purchase. As of time of screenshot, the lowest available purchase price for a HypeSaints NFT is 0.29 ETH.
Volume Trade — Total trading volume this collection has done since it was listed. For HypeSaints, they have done 103.997 ETH in a span of less than a week.

Additionally, you are able to Filter the selection — either by Price (Minimum, Maximum), by Status (Buy now, On Auction, or Has Offer) or by Traits (varies by collection).

Step 3: Making the purchase

Have you finally decided on one? Great!

Let’s look at this example for completing the final step — Purchase

HypeSaints NFT

Simply ensure your browser-extension wallet has sufficient crypto loaded up, click on “Buy now for 0.29 ETH” and that’s it! You will be prompted through a few additional steps to confirm the transaction, and you will become the proud owner of the NFT!

Step 4: Show Off!

Now, it’s time for the world to see your latest haul! Be it as a representation of your actual self, or just as a quirky online persona, NFTs can get the job done for you!

A simple way to show off your NFT is simply by locating it in your browser-extension wallet, right-clicking it and “save image as…”, and then uploading the saved picture onto your favourite social media platforms.

You can even change your MOOAR account’s PFP! Simply click on your Profile, go under the Collected tab, select your NFT and click “Set as Profile Picture”.

For platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you are even able to share your actual NFT on your profile, where your audience will be able to verify its authenticity! You may read more about that here for Instagram, and here for Twitter (Only available to Twitter Blue users).


There you have it! 4 easy steps to purchasing your favourite NFT and setting it up on your socials!

Stay tuned for the next part of the series where we will touch a bit more on how NFT Auctions work.