MOOAR: World’s first Membership-Based Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace

The day is finally here! Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the company behind STEPN, has officially launched MOOAR, the world’s first membership model multi-chain NFT marketplace and launchpad on Solana and Ethereum. We are incredibly excited to share this milestone with you.

Find Satoshi Lab: Your Passport to Web3

Find Satoshi Lab’s goal is to onboard and educate the next generation of users to Web3. We see global Web3 adoption and utility as one of our industry’s major challenges and are proud to create more front and back end products to further this goal. By combining tried and tested Web2 business models with the power of blockchain technology, we are creating life-changing products that are fun to use whilst staying true to Web3's community-centric ethos.

The launch of MOOAR signals the next step on our roadmap, as we build out the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem. MOOAR sits alongside STEPN and DOOAR, giving our native $GMT token further utilities and value. The MOOAR launchpad and voting mechanic acts as a community driven hackathon utilising $GMT, our ecosystem’s native token. Through a unique business model with no optional royalties, 0% service fees and a membership system, we are empowering creators and traders alike who are the heart and soul of the NFT space.

MOOAR marketplace is dedicated to adding utility to PFP NFTs, as we truly believe PFPs are the next step in our quest for identity. MOOAR is just the beginning of our roadmap to realise the full potential of Web3 social identity and we can’t wait to reveal more over the coming months.

An Introduction to MOOAR

MOOAR is a Profile picture (PFP), creator-centric NFT marketplace that will provide further benefits to creators, not only during their project launch, but also by ensuring royalties are honoured. The marketplace has a royalty policy of 0.5 -10% with 2% default when you mint a collection. MOOAR consists of an NFT marketplace, as well as an NFT launchpad, integrating 2 essential services for the NFT space into a single platform.

Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs, vote for their favourite project on the launchpad, and even gain account levels for more perks. Most of all, there are 0 service fees! Simply connect your crypto wallet, and begin your journey with us.

With MOOAR, we are initiating our first injection of new utility for $GMT. This will create value for the entire ecosystem, with STEPN, DOOAR and now MOOAR working in tandem to power a self-sustaining model that will culminate in an unrivalled experience for the community.

Royalties: Creators Deserve MOOAR

We are here to stand by the creators firmly and respect their rights to royalty fees. Creators are the ultimate power force of an NFT marketplace and we want to make sure they thrive. We firmly believe that there is a virtuous cycle where creators are better off in the system, they will thrive to grow better content, and thus bring in more attention to the space.

With the raging debate going on surrounding the paying of royalties, we are aware that many users have been vocal in opposing the enforcement of such royalties. Especially so when it comes to projects that are doing more harm than good to the ecosystem, such as rugs and creators with a focus solely on value extraction.

Fully empathising with the sentiment, we strongly believe this “cancel culture” has forced marketplaces into a corner to the point that prominent marketplaces have adopted optional royalties. We believe optional royalties set a dangerous precedent that will ultimately lead to the demise of the NFT market as a whole.

Although it remains a challenge to come up with an optimal solution overnight, our membership model has been months in the making and we are proud to contribute an alternative NFT marketplace to the space.

Unique Membership Model, 0% Service Fees

To carry out this creator-focused vision of ours, we have made the decision to become the first marketplace to adopt a set fee-based a.k.a membership model for MOOAR.

At just USD $29.90 per month, users will get access to the entire MOOAR product. This cost is then made-up by the 0% service fees on MOOAR, which usually turns into substantial savings. For instance, if you trade a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT for 60 ETH at a marketplace that charges 2% platform fees, that fee would cover 5 years of MOOAR membership from that transaction alone.

Similar to how warehouse clubs like Costco operate, the recurring fee will turn MOOAR into a self-sufficient entity. By targeting to cover all necessary development and maintenance costs with this fee, this allows us to offer a 0% service fee, which most traditional NFT marketplaces generate the bulk of their revenue from.

Spreading the costs across the community with a single price, will also further keep costs to an extreme minimal across the board. While most won’t feel the pinch, it plays a monumental role in working towards an equitable system in the NFT space.

STEPN User Appreciation

As a thank you to all our loyal users and supporters, we have launched a campaign to give many of you a free head start to use MOOAR.

We are offering members who fulfil certain criteria — free membership in MOOAR. The length of the complimentary subscription will be based on the criterias fulfilled. Eligible users should have received an email from with further information.

If you missed out, don’t worry, you can head to where you can be rewarded with a free months subscription to test out the platform through our tweet mechanic.

Concluding Thoughts

MOOAR brings about a new era for not only creators in the NFT space, but our users. This marks the beginning of a very fulfilling journey to building the ultimate super app for the whole crypto community, boosting accessibility that eases the onboarding of many in the Web3 world.

Thank you for standing by us through this transition, we are taking this ecosystem on a ride they will never forget. For MOOAR, head to and experience the future of NFT marketplaces for yourself.

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