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6 min readNov 2, 2022

The NFT space experienced explosive growth between 2019 and 2021 when NFTs first hit the mainstream, culminating in a high of about USD $40 billion in transactions for 2021.

This is just the beginning for the adoption of this blockchain technology, and we strongly believe the next major movement will be Web3 social identity. Why is this you might wonder? PFP NFTs remain one of the key onboarding tools for Web2 users who are venturing into the Web3 space for the first time. PFPs make up > 90% of the NFT projects in the space, even surpassing digital art. There is a good reason for this.

Social identity still remains a top priority for many internet users, and PFPs offer a perfect medium to channel this form of expression of their identities. The feeling of belonging to a specific community is built into our DNAs. With companies such as Twitter and Meta (Instagram) integrating NFTs into their platforms, the demand for PFPs is only expected to go up as users search for their ideal virtual identity.

How does the MOOAR Marketplace and Launchpad fit into all this? Whilst designers and engineers are exceptional at the nitty gritty building of an NFT collection, they can sometimes lack the expertise or resources for marketing and drawing attention to their product. Without this, many incredible products go under the radar, unnoticed, and eventually fade into oblivion in the fast paced environment that is the NFT industry.

Through ensuring of royalties and creator empowerment, we believe that a community-driven launchpad is a much needed addition to our ecosystem,

MOOAR Launchpad: Community Driven Hackathon

The MOOAR Launchpad is the first community or DAO governed launchpad in the NFT space. Whilst other NFT launchpads seek out their winning projects, the MOOAR launchpad welcomes submissions from all creators, creating a level playing field. This is just one of the ways we choose to empower creators at MOOAR, as we truly believe the success of the NFT movement is dependent on artistic development.

The winning project of our launchpad will receive dedicated support. This means — marketing support via social media and relevant channels, general advisory for project schematics, and post-mint support. Our team will reduce the hassle of marketing, planning and fund-raising for creators, allowing them to focus on developing their product.

With the advent of launchpads, it has become as easy as conceptualising an idea, developing it, and approaching a launchpad to assist with the rest, making for a much smoother process of getting the product into the public eyes. While there are no guarantees in the space, project winners will have our undivided commitment in ensuring that there will be enough demand for their project. We are no strangers to managing hype, and we want to be able to pass this knowledge on to those deserving of it.

Having observed the industry, what we have become acutely aware of is that there just aren’t enough launchpads to go around. Due to lack of resources and experience this often leads to projects rushing to mint and then unintentionally rugging users due to the insufficient funds raised, or lack of sustainable roadmap. This has a negative effect on traders and the NFT industry as a whole.

MOOAR intends to be part of the solution, not the problem, which is what has inspired us in our decision to create a launchpad to not only give back to the ecosystem, but also to give the community a voice.

MOOAR Launchpad Application Process

Application — We encourage teams that plan to empower their PFP with utilities in their projects to join our launchpad. Submissions from creators of all sizes, walks of life and corners of the globe are welcome. Applications are open to MOOAR Launchpad Season 1, head over to to submit your collection.

Vetting — To safeguards our members from rugs and malicious actors, we will conduct a vetting procedure for all interested projects. Any project that possesses even the slightest potential to be detrimental for our users will be disallowed from participating in our launchpad.

Onboarding — Once the projects have been appropriately vetted, we will proceed with onboarding the project to our voting platform. We will list the project and their idea on our website, along with the other approved applicants.

How does Voting Work?

  • All subscribed members of MOOAR will be eligible to vote for their favourite projects.
  • Members vote using tickets, which can be purchased using GMT on either Solana or Ethereum.
  • Creators will define the ticket price (i.e the mint price) for voting purposes. This can range from 10 GMT to 100 GMT, with increments of 10 GMT.

Voting Mechanic with $GMT

  • During the 3-day voting period, users will purchase tickets from the project with GMT
  • Projects will be ranked based on the amount of GMT “locked” into their project via ticket sales
  • The project that locks the most GMT through ticket sales will be declared the winner
  • When 2 collections receive the same number of tickets and the same amount of votes, we allow both to launch
  • If no project receives enough tickets to cover at least 50% of their mint supply, no collection will be launched for that particular season.

Raffle Process

Once a winning project is selected, users who voted on it will be entered into a raffle pool with their tickets. Each ticket will represent 1 entry, and subsequently, 1 mint.

Odds of winning increases as membership and loyalty levels increase, so for those who are extremely active traders, expect to get a substantial edge!

Refund Process

Once the raffle is completed, all users who did not win the raffle, or did not vote on the winning project, will be entitled to a refund of their ticket costs. They may claim this refund anytime.

The Outcome of the vote

The winning project will receive exclusive access to our launchpad, with us ensuring the necessary support is given for a successful launch. Our focus will be on quality over quantity. Projects that do not win during the voting phase will still be able to mint on our platform, the only difference being that we will not provide additional support or promotions for these projects.

To conclude

Launchpads are incredible tools for creators in the NFT ecosystem, acting as a springboard for projects. Similar to how wedding planners assist organising a wedding, launchpads help creators by settling the logistics, providing necessary insight into the NFT business to equip creators for success.

At MOOAR we are proud to offer this platform and service as an additional resource in our quest of empowering creators. Please apply via or get in touch via should you require any assistance or have additional questions. We are so excited to see your submissions.

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